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Mujer radiante

Glow pre-party

Imagine that special event in which your skin is full of light and shine… now it is possible with our special protocols for Pre-party Glow: 

Protocol 1 (for young but dull skin): facial hygiene with exfoliating treatment, we continue with oxygen therapy and finish with radiofrequency. Discover the potential of your skin in a single session!

Protocol 2 (for mature skin that needs extra hydration): mesotherapy with vitamins, oxygen therapy and radiofrequency. Your skin has never been so radiant!

Protocol 3 (for dehydrated and dull skin): Facial hygiene with ultra-hydrating mask, oxygen therapy and lately, radiofrequency. Recover the smooth and hydrated texture of your skin!

Multiple protocols to be at your best for every occasion

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Hola, ¿en qué te podemos ayudar hoy?
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