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Dr. Rosángela Obregón, has a degree in Medicine from the Central University of Venezuela obtained in 2003. Later she moved to Spain, where she specialized in General and Digestive System Surgery at the Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid, where she continues as a surgeon at present. As for her academic training, she is a Doctor of Surgery, director of several doctoral theses, specialist in Colorectal Surgery, Master in Aesthetic Medicine and Master in Health Management.

All surgical interventions are performed at the VOT Hospital of San Francisco de Asis in Madrid. In the service portfolio you will find the most modern techniques in proctologic surgery (hemorrhoidal surgery, perianal fistula and fissures), abdominal wall surgery (hernias and diastasis recti) and obesity surgery (gastric banding and vertical gastroplasty).

You can see and get information about all the Surgery Services in the Surgery Section of Dr. Rosángela Obregón.

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