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Chemical Peeling is defined as the application of a substance, with exfoliating capacity, and whose purpose is to achieve controlled peeling of the epidermis or superficial dermis, to improve different aspects of the skin that affect those levels. With chemical peeling we treat blemishes, rejuvenation, acne and other irregularities of the skin

For some types of spots, it may be indicated to associate other treatments such as mesotherapy (superficial microinjection of specific compounds) for better results or complementary home treatments.



  • Sun protection: The skin will be more sensitive after the peel, so it is crucial to protect it from the sun. Use broad-spectrum sunscreen with a high SPF and avoid direct sun exposure for at least a few weeks after treatment.
  • Hydration: Keep skin well hydrated using recommended creams or lotions. This will help keep your skin soft and supple during the recovery process.
  • Avoid makeup: During the first days after treatment or any product that may irritate the skin.
  • Avoid exfoliations: Do not exfoliate your skin or use abrasive products for a while after the chemical peel. Let the skin recover naturally.
  • Avoid contact with hot water: During the first few days, avoid washing your face with hot water, as it can increase skin sensitivity.
  • Controls inflammation: You may experience some redness and inflammation after the peel. Apply cold compresses or recommended soothing gels to help reduce inflammation and discomfort.
Tratamiento con Peeling Químico

Chemical Peeling: care of skin irregularities

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