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Radiofrecuencia (RFAL) de Inmode®

Treatment of body flaccidity

In our clinic we combine medical treatments with equipment to treat body flaccidity without surgery. As a result of aging or sudden body changes, such as weight loss, the skin loses its elasticity. Treatments should be aimed at stimulating collagen synthesis through biostimulators, increasing the density of the dermis through equipment such as ultrasound and radiofrequency, and repositioning tissues as we do with thread lifts.

In our center we have the patented Inmode® radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis (RFAL) technology that allows us to eliminate all localized fat in a single procedure, improve flaccidity and cellulite, without scars or the need for surgery

Radiofrequency (RFAL) by Inmode®: State-of-the-art Technology

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