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Rejuvenecimiento Íntimo

Intimate rejuvenation

  • Gynecological radiofrequency:

By heating the tissue to supraphysiological temperatures, the fibroblasts are stimulated to synthesize collagen, while the healing and repair process is favored, improving firmness and elasticity. This is how with this treatment we can improve mild urinary incontinence, vaginal atrophy, vaginal dryness and itching and mild prolapse, restoring well-being in our patients.


  • Fillers with hyaluronic acid:

Many times and also as a complement to the previous treatment, filling the labia majora allows to harmonize and reaffirm the intimate area in a minimally invasive and painless way. Some women, due to menopause, weight loss, or their genetics, may lose part of the fatty padding of the labia. Even without loss of volume, the skin appears flaccid and the labia look empty. Hyaluronic acid filler restores the appearance of this area


  • Whitening of the intimate area


Hyperpigmentation or darkening of the skin around the female genitalia and the anus area, it can be caused by hormonal problems, age, pregnancy or the postpartum period, or simply by a predisposition of the skin to excessive pigmentation.


In our clinic we use two techniques, chemical or laser peeling. With these treatments we achieve very satisfactory results, without pain and a minimum recovery time.

Different treatments for all possible conditions

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